The MOFOR Input-File library

MOFOR examples involving the use of In-Form are described in section 8.2 of the Encyclopaedia article on that subject.

Those employing faceted objects are located in d_earth\d_vr\inplib, with associated mof files in d_earth\d_vr\moflib.

The current list is shown below:

Elementary motions

TitleQ1mof fileanimation
Cube moving horizontally v119 linear click here
Cylinder moving at 45 degrees v115 diagonal click here
Cylinder in chaotic motion v114 chaotic click here
Cube rotating about its centre v121 rotblock click here
Rolling cube; translation + rotation v120 rolblock click here
Sphere in horizontal motion v128 linearx click here
2 cylinders with crossing trajectories v124 twocylin click here
Falling box with broken tip v112 brokntip click here


TitleQ1mof fileanimation
Underwater launch v118 launch click here
Moving multiple objects from carrier v113 carrier click here
Ejection seat v117 jet click here
Flow in crank-shaft-piston mechanism v116 engine click here
Flow in 2-crank-shaft-piston mechanism v126 engine2  
2-cylinder engine v125 engine4  
Stirring by rotating paddles v122 rotpaddl click here
Chemical reaction between stirred fluids v111 agitated click here
Trains passing in a tunnel v123 tunnel click here
Ski-jumper v127 skijump click here